Jun 8, 2012

What’s up?

My dress came in, and god damn it, it’s awfully short and it’s missing a button. I have two more exams left and I honestly cannot wait until it’s all over and done with so I can move on with my life and go back to being a sloth.

It’s really cold and rainy today. Dad dropped me off at the racecourse but I had to take the train back home. It has been a long time (probably 2 weeks) since I caught a train, and it was so congested during peak hour. I suffered a lot being wedged between two large people and one of them reeked of rain and perspiration. It was a really uncomfortable ride home, it was.

I was going to sell my Microeconomics textbook and give away my notes but I think I will need to keep it…

And to think that the Commercial Law exam was the worst, Microeconomics was twice the pain. It—oh my god, at least I could answer all of the questions for my Commercial Law exam. Microeconomics was so horrible. I haven’t done maths without a calculator since grade 6, and to think I could work out what -0.67/0.6 is really beyond me. It was basic maths! All I had to do was remember the freaking formulas yet I blanked out! And for that, I probably lost 14 marks.

That wasn’t the end of it. The exam was worth 65 marks so 14 marks didn’t really matter if I aced the rest, right? Wrong! Okay, I know for sure that I got at least 10 marks for the exam because one of the questions was related to a topic in which it was, out of the whole freaking unit, the only thing I actually understood and enjoyed learning about.

Somehow I kept getting As and Cs for the 25 mark worth multiple-choice questions. I was seeing so many patterns. It was like: D,A,D,C,C,C,C,C,A,B,A… Anyway, I’m not too stressed out for the multiple choice questions because at least I know that I have 25% chance of being correct with every question. What I’m really sad about is the essay worth 16 marks. Nothing made sense and it was so shit. I would be glad to receive 2/16 marks. 

Assuming that I received 10/25 for MCQ, 2/16 for the essay, and 10/24 for the short answers, I would receive 22/65 for the whole exam, equivalent to 34% or a fail. *Chokes myself to death.*

Lets hope I get 26/65 = 40% which is the hurdle requirement. I will convert and pray every day if God will help me.

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